ADAM Hickey feels there is still more to come from him in the marathon - despite his encouraging start to the gruelling event.

Hickey, who is based in Southend, recorded a fine time of two hours and 16 minutes in his first attempt of the 26.2 mile race in Berlin.

But the 31-year-old is confident he can improve that time.

“I was quite happy with how it went but there’s still unfinished business there for me because I can definitely improve and get a quicker time,” said Hickey.

“It was mixed emotions for me really because I felt really good for the first 30 kilometres.

“But, after that, I was in a lot of pain, especially for the last three miles.

“In an ideal world, this marathon would have been a couple of weeks later and I could have done a bit more strength work.

“But for a first attempt I have to be pleased I think.

“A few of the guys I run with have done faster than that at their first attempt but others have run slower so it went reasonably well.”

Hickey finished 52nd overall but he is now targeting a return to more familiar distances.

“I’ll be looking at cross-country now,” said Hickey.

“The trials for the European Cross Country are at the end of November and that’s a target for me.

“Prior to this marathon, the furthest I had ever raced was a half marathon and I’ll be looking to do another half on the road in March time and then maybe another marathon in April.

“That’s the plan at the moment anyway.”

However, Hickey is unsure whether or not he will be racing in the London Marathon.

“I would certainly like to do London one day,” said Hickey.

“But I’m not too sure whether or not that will be next year.”

But when Hickey does decide to race around the capital he will have the perfect coach in his corner as Eamonn Martin remains the last British athlete to have won the London Marathon.

“Eamonn is a great role model for me and a great coach too,” said Hickey.

“There is no-one better I could work with and this is also the most flexible I have been with my training.

“It can be hard to fit everything in around work, coaching and obviously my family as well.”

But Hickey will now be focusing on events closer to home.

“I’m helping with the family run at the Southend 10K this weekend,” said Hickey.

“I’m going to be on my bike and up with the leaders.

“I just hope my legs don’t hurt as much by then and that I’ll actually be able to keep up with them.”