SOUTHEND United’s under 23 coach Craig Fagan will keep pushing his young players hard to ensure they fulfill their potential.

Fagan has been working with the Shrimpers’ youngsters since the end of August.

And the 36-year-old is eager to ensure he does all he can to see them develop into first team footballers.

“I want the lads to do well and they may not like me at the moment because of the way I push them,” said Fagan.

“But in 10 years time I want to bump into them in the street and they can tell me I was right to push them and they can tell me how well they’re doing and where they’re playing.

“I want to see that improvement because I enjoy seeing people do well and that’s what I want to happen here.”

However, for that to happen, Fagan has stressed to his young players the importance to work hard.

“No-one plays unless they work hard and have desire,” said Fagan.

“It’s like that at Man City, Liverpool or whoever. You see clips on the internet with all these tricks but it’s the nitty gritty desire you need. That’s what I try to get through to the lads.”

And Fagan insists the squad have been boosted by Terrell Egbri pushing on to make his first team debut.

“Having someone like Terrell push on into the first team helps others to see that going out on loan and stepping up the training gives them a path to the first team,” said Fagan.

“I know that’s been here before but I push that on the lads and they need to train properly so when they go over to the first team they’re ready.

"They also can’t be too respectful.

"Respect that they’re first team players but you have to treat it like a match. You have to tackle properly and play proper football.”