SOUTHEND United fans have their say on the Shrimpers’ struggles.

The first goal on half-time hurt at Portsmouth, especially after a decent half and the second just shortly after half-time made things worse. Goodship getting a goal back was encouraging but we just didn’t capitalise on that. Maybe we didn’t deserve a 4-1 loss, but we weren’t good enough.


Lennon seemed too deep. ‘Defending’ was farcical. Says it all that our best CB is actually a midfielder. Isaac Hutchinson did well but needs a creative player alongside him. Actually dreading Sunday. We wont win games with Shaughnessy and Lennon playing together.


Wish I didn’t care anymore and could switch it off but I can’t, shame some of the players don’t feel the same. Much needed win on Sunday to pick up some confidence but feel we could get humiliated live on national telly.


Time for a huge reality check. We are down, nobody could have saved this bunch from relegation. Going to be the club’s worst season in history. Didn’t agree with Sol’s appointment but we seriously cannot judge him until this time next season once he has had two transfer windows


17 games played. 14 games lost. -31 goal difference.Not much really to say is there.


I think currently we are worse than the Alvin Martin era and I can’t see our season ending any differently. Lacking a leader on the pitch, a ball winner and any creativity in midfield and let’s not even talk about defending.


What hurts the most is knowing it’s only November and we are already dead and buried with very little sign of resurrection.


If Milligan can play for Australia then so can I.


Need some major changes, but could improve with the current players. Dieng could replace Milligan in midfield.


It’s so bad that it hurts. Worst team we’ve ever had, based on the fact we’ve lost nearly every game this season. Outside of Southend, we’re a laughing stock!