SOUTHEND United fans have their say on yesterday’s 1-0 defeat at Dover Athletic in the first round of the FA Cup.

I don’t turn on the players or managers easily but that was beyond diabolical. To be THAT poor against a non-league team is absolutely criminal. Every single player needs to take a good look at themselves and ask themselves if they think that was acceptable.


The saddest thing about our season is that the players have now lost the fans’ support and respect. It will take a monumental turnaround from these players to win back over the loyal Blues fans who spend a lot of their hard-earned cash following them up and down the country.


The only positive is that Sol now knows 90 per cent of the senior players are not up to it and the game is now up for them.


Never been more embarrassed by a single performance. Zero passion. Zero fight. Zero ideas.


Shocking performance. A defeat to a non-league team put us on our knees. But it happens. They were always going to make it a fight. Thank god we have two weeks off. A mini pre-season for us to formulate something. No games to worry about. Just work with no fear.


Not even surprised anymore. Yet another gutless, spineless performance. The summer clear-out can’t come soon enough.


The better team won. We had no fight and no passion. Get this season done and dusted right now. We’re finished.


Gutless. Spineless. Passionless. Clueless. This is without doubt the most pathetic group of players we’ve had in my 25 years of supporting and think how many disastrous spells we’ve had in that time.


When you think the season can't get worse, that was a disgrace. Thoroughly deserved defeat. None of our experienced players out there have the talent or heart to be in league football. Never known such anger as there was in the away end today. Just so, so bad.


So below the level required to be considered a professional football team. Never seen anything like it. We're in the gutter and no sign of us getting out anytime soon.


Poor game, lacked passion. A worrying sign that Dover were the better side today but we can’t expect to be better than anyone if we don’t put our all into it. Dieng, Bishop and Elvis were the only players bringing something positive out of today’s game. Something needs to change.


They’re not fit to wear the shirt.


Season might as well be over already out of every cup competition possible and might as well be relegated already no fight in this team playing like they are already down haven’t seen it this bad in years


When you think it can't get any worse it does. The relationship between the players and supporters has completely broken down and it will get worse.


It should’ve been a chance to draw a line in the sand and get a positive result to build some confidence for the league... but no, another cup humiliation to lower league opposition. There’s just nothing positive for the fans to get behind at the moment.


The low point of Southend United today. Disgrace to the shirt them players. Not one player deserves a contract renewal and the sooner we get rid of them the better.


Awful .. passionless performance .. we were beaten by the far better team on the day with no excuse . Feel so sorry for our fans today and in general they deserve so much better It feels like on and off the pitch our club is dying a slow death for which there is no cure.


Watching Southend is truly heartbreaking, there seems to be no passion at all. Players constantly mess about with the ball and lose possession, to me it looks as if they don't even want to play. I won't be buying tickets for a while.


The whole game we didn’t threaten them. We spent the entire game on the back foot to a team halfway down the national league. I think we need to fundamentally change our approach to recruitment in the football club, that much is clear.


Made to look like mugs by a national league side now And the man of the match is a Southend lad, ironic and tragic all at the same time Running out of ways to say how poor we are now Sol's face looked as fed up and frustrated as mine was watching that.


Making Mark Milligan captain without having played started the rot. Liam Ridgewell not having a clue first game and being subbed was embarrassing. Harry Lennon is a liability every time he is on the pitch. But these players continue to be picked.


We were beaten by the better team, who were pretty comfortable. We struggled to pass the ball to each other. We didn't just lose, we got out played by a mid-table conference team. We were awful. I'm not sure it was even a shock


Pathetic. Every single one of the players need to take a good look at themselves and sort it out, before this situation gets even worse.... if that is even possible.


These players are going through the November. Fact is we will be relegated by February at the latest if we are forced to keep playing the same side. Need some unbelievably good recruiting in January to avoid being relegated with a record low points total.


At least we can concentrate on relegation now with no other distractions.


The worst team I have seen in 40 years. Total disgrace.


Spineless, gutless, clueless, pathetic, no pride in or fit to wear shirt from majority of team. Embarrassing! Wrong tactics should have matched them 4-4-2 as they dictated whole game, picking passes free will, opening us up on the wings time after time.