AN Echosport poll has revealed Southend United’s fans feel they are currently watching the worst team in the club’s history.

The poll attracted more than 2,100 votes and saw 93 per cent of the supporters agreeing that the team taking to the pitch right now is worse than any other Shrimpers side that has gone before them since the club was first formed in 1906.

This is easily the worst team. We also have the worst player I’ve ever seen in Harry Lennon!

How can that guy keep getting picked?


We’ve had a lot of players who were much worse individually. However, this is easily the worst ‘team’. No effort, no passion, no creativity


We have had poor teams and poor players in the past but at least they tried and you can accept that. What is unacceptable about senior players in this squad is the apparent lack of care and respect to the club and its fans, some need their contracts tearing up.


We have a collection of players that don’t care and don’t show any love for the game and there’s not a ounce of personality amongst any of them.


Difficult one to call, the memory of Alvin Martin’s teams is permanently etched in my mind, today’s is certainly the worst since.


This shouldn’t be the worst team with some of the players we have but, as a team, absolutely! Based on results, even in previous bad seasons, I just don’t remember us ever losing nearly every game and conceding three goals a game!


Considering we flirted with relegation out of the Football League a few years ago no, not the worst. However, the lack of effort is unforgivable. Where is the pride and passion shown against Sunderland on the last day of last season for example?!


This is the worst team by an absolute mile!


Yes. Absolutely no question about it. No heart. No passion. No talent


My first game was in ‘79 and I’ve never felt so low.


We need to appreciate the double relegation squad of 96-98 in this.