SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday’s 4-0 defeat to Oxford United atRoots Hall

Couldn’t get across the halfway line as we are so light in midfield with 5-3-2, especially with the anonymous Milligan effectively a fourth centre-back. As soon as we went to a four man midfield with Hutchinson, we at least started to get forward a bit. However, we still lack any quality.


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the Hall we get this horror show. Since our last game we have gone from bad to abysmal. Just can’t wait until January when we can try and get rid of a lot of deadwood in this squad.


We simply don’t have the players to try and play out from the back, looked more comfortable when switched to four at the back but can’t see us winning again this year.


Everyone including Sol is talking about who we will bring in to the squad in January! Who in their right mind would want to come and who is going to buy any of this squad?


Another awful performance in an awful season. We have now let in 52 goals and we are all but relegated before the Christmas decorations have been put up.


Yet again a total and utter disgrace. Basic principles of football being disregarded by ‘senior pros’.


Until we stop trying to play out from the back when we are clearly not good enough, we will continue to ship goals. Playing five at the back also makes us lightweight up front. Only when Isaac came on did we begin to look more positive.


First time ever I have walked out before the final whistle it was that bad. I honestly think the midfield is the major problem this season, teams seem to be able to walk through us, leading to constant pressure on the defence. Lack of creativity and no midfield bite making us a soft touch against everyone in the league.


Can we just fast forward to next season, this one is a disgrace.


Can’t try and play from the back like Manchester City if you don’t have their players. Isn’t the definition of madness doing the same thing time and again but expecting a different outcome which is what we did.


Gutless, spineless performance. No fight or passion. Gone beyond embarrassing now.

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