LEON Imber is the latest Blues fans to have his say on what is happening at Roots Hall. 

LAST TIME out after a much needed two week break, a sense of familiarity graced the 5,900 Shrimpers fans at Roots Hall as Southend United slumped to their 15th defeat in just 18 league outings so far this season.

Fans of all ages have labelled this struggling set of players as the worst they have witnessed in their lifetime; in all honesty, these claims are not at all far fetched.

A staggering statistic is one that identifies the current Blues side as the first team to concede 50 goals in such a short amount of time in a season since 1966.

All of this comes together to form the season from hell for Southend fans, which in turn has led to many losing faith.

Never before have I known a situation so bad that notable amounts of fans are leaving so far prior to the final whistle, and truthfully you cannot blame fans for retracting their efforts.

It’s hard to backdate to where this rut really commenced.

But what we do know is that it has really set in, and it is a parasite that is beginning to become impossible to shake off.

On a personal note, it is bordering on heartbreaking to witness the demise of this club which has resigned us fans to accepting relegation as early as November.

But the truth is that we, as fans have given all the support we can.

So the next point of call is to limit the damage until January where we can have faith in boss Sol Campbell to do all he can to make this squad fit for purpose.

There are questions as to how attractive moving to Southend would be for a player with the awful run of form and likely relegation.

But Campbell has assured fans that January will be a successful month for business in which he intends to sign six or seven players.

So although it becomes very repetitive to say ‘keep the faith,’ until we see the effects of the January business, we must attempt to do so.

It’s been painful and it’s been tedious, but such is the nature of supporting a struggling football club.

The painful times make the sweet times feel sweeter and sooner or later, we will see a change in fortune.