WESTCLIFF begin life at their new Gables base against Esher tomorrow.

Westcliff head into the clash sitting 15th in National Two South.

And fly-half Jack Jones, who has been at the club for the past 22 years, feels it will be a day to remember.

“It’s going to be a huge day for the club,” said Jones.

“It’s a new era operating at the highest level the club has ever been and it’s fitting that our facilities reflect that.

“All of this builds immense excitement for everyone.”

However, Jones also feels it will feel strange playing on a different pitch.

“I think it will (feel strange) in a way,” said Jones.

“I have personally spent the last 22 years making the same journey down Aviation Way to lace up and chase an odd shaped ball around with my mates.

“But it isn’t the pitch that has made this club what it is today, it is the people.”

Esher are currently seventh in the table.

And Jones is expecting an entertaining encounter. 

"I’m expecting a fast game," said Jones.

"On a new pitch with the type of game we want to play, it should be a good watch.

"Esher are a very good outfit and will bring their own game plan but as long as we stick to what we are good at and relish the excitement the day will bring, I’m confident we can come away with a good win."