ECHOSPORT talks to Bristol Rovers fan Jade Hicks ahead of tomorrow’s game at the Memorial Stadium.

What have you made of the season so far?

“We’re in a much better position than last season.

“We seem quite comfortable at the moment and have had some good runs which hopefully we can continue for the rest of the season.”

What were the hopes for Bristol Rovers this season?

“I think most fans would definitely have taken play-offs and we’ve made a good start towards achieving that.

“I think it’s still very achievable and we would give it a good shot if we did make them I’m sure.”

Graham Coughlan, your manager, and his assistant Kevin Maher are both well known by all Blues fans. What have you made of the job Graham is doing?

“Graham has definitely won over the fans now.

“Sometimes his line-ups can seem a bit questionable but we were unbeaten in the League in September and, like I said, are in a better place than last season so he seems to know what he’s doing.

“At the moment I trust him to take the squad where it needs to go and believe he will bring in the right players in January to help us push on.”

Who is your dangerman?

“Jonson Clarke-Harris. No explanation needed.”

What’s the team news for tomorrow?

“I’m not sure and it’s hard to predict.

“There shouldn’t be too many changes but I would prefer the line-up to be more attacking and for us to have two up front but things are going well.

“We’re only a point behind the play-offs.”