SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday’s dismal 4-2 defeat at Bristol Rovers.

Game of two totally different halves. First half looked like our season’s turning point, second half undid all that hard work, starting with the penalty. The moment we conceded, our heads dropped and our attitude changed for the worst. Sol got it spot on with his comments post-match.


First half showed what players are capable of, second half showed what our players are really like! Cruising after 45 minutes then we throw it away. A record-breaking season in all the wrong areas! Disgraceful!


Please can the club cancel our next five games in order to save us fans from anymore undue stress and for our wellbeing.


Hopeless, clueless, gutless.


I can’t believe we scored two goals. I can believe we conceded four. Defensively a shambles in the second half. Looked good going forward until Hopper went off, then it went to pot. Goodship was good though. It’s amazing how we make anyone look good. Can’t wait for Bolton.


I’m normally against a manager criticising players publicly but Sol has my full support. They’ve got away with it far too long. Bring on January and some new players.


Bullied out of it second half and beaten by route one football which unfortunately is still successful at this level. We have to man up.


Angry but not surprised at all. I’m feeling sorry for myself and all the supporters right now, I think we deserve better. The results this year have become embarrassing and this was another kick in the teeth. I’ve been to all of the home games this season but won’t attend next week.


For the first time I can remember as a supporter of Southend, I would genuinely be happy to see every single one of these players leave our club. An embarrassment and a shambles. Each and every single one of them should be ashamed.


What are they playing at? 2-0 first half lead, just keep it going, keep it tight, three points on the board. But no, this lot capitulate and continue to cement their places in history as our worst squad ever.


Apart from the youngsters and Hopper, the rest should be ashamed.