RUGBY: Tom Einchcomb wants Basildon to build on their first victory in 15 months.

After suffering 26 defeats in succession, Basildon beat Ilford Wanderers 15-7 in London Three Essex at the weekend.

And back row Einchcomb was delighted to finally get back to winning ways.

“The win was a great feeling and one we obviously hadn’t been able to have for a long time,” said Einchcomb.

“We’ve been building something really good this season as a club and finally we’ve been able to get a result under this new coaching team.

“The feeling in the changing room as well as in the clubhouse was extremely positive.”

Basildon remain bottom of the table, seven points below Ilford who sit immediately above them in the standings.

And Einchcomb felt it had been a scrappy clash between the two sides.

“The game was scrappy and extremely tough,” said Einchcomb.

“Both teams fought hard but I think we won the discipline battle forcing a lot of penalties on both sides of the ball.

“Our boys out wide had a lot of joy on the break as well as some good phases through the middle.

“All in all the most complete game we’ve played as a team all year I’d say.

“Our defence stood strong which has been a particular weakness for a lot of this year.

“It’s a good sign of our improvement as a squad as well as in our mentality as individuals.”

Basildon now have Alex Lee as head coach, Gary Bettis as backs coach and Joe Brace as forwards coach.

But Einchcomb acknowledged it had been a tough season to date.

“Last season and this season so far has definitely been tough for everyone but for those of us that chose to stay and dig in the hard work never stopped,” said Einchcomb.

“ We’ve been working so hard at training under our new coaches this season, as well bringing through some quality young talent from within the club, and I think the win on the weekend was just the start of what’s going to come from the new culture we’ve created at Basildon.”

And Einchcomb also feels the victory will make a big difference to the team.

“I think this win will give the boys a massive boost going forward this season because the team is full of young players,” said Einchcomb.

“To get a win under our belts finally will definitely bring some added confidence.

“I’m confident that the hard work that built up to that win will carry on and the rest of the games this season are all very winnable.”

Basildon head to fourth placed Braintree this weekend and Einchcomb is keen to keep progressing.

“For us it’s just about constant improvement week on week and doing our best to not take a backwards step in the development of the team,” added Einchcomb.