SOUTHEND snooker player Matt Glasby has been boosted by scoring his first ever 147.

The 23-year-old made his first ever maximum when playing at Pockets Snooker Club in his hometown.

And Glasby was delighted with his display.

“I was over the moon to make my first Pepsi, which is what we call a max,” laughed Glasby.

“As the break progressed and the balls split nicely from about the fifth red I was going to go for the max.

“The excitement started kicking in when I got down to the last red.

“I played a really tricky black with the rest to get on the yellow and potted a tricky yellow.

“When I got to the green they were all there so I took some deep breathes and held myself together well.

“It was a great feeling.”

And Glasby was particularly pleased with his 147 having previously missed out.

“I’ve had good chances of a max before missing with two or three reds on many occasions,” said Glasby.

“The closest I had ever got is missing the yellow off it’s spot with the rest on 120 a couple of years ago which was frustrating.

“But to do it this way was a massive buzz and relief all at once.”

Glasby’s break was also watched by a number of club members and that added to his excitement.

“Everyone in the club stopped to watch when I got down to the colours and when I sunk the last black everyone started cheering in the club,” said Glasby.

“It was such a great atmosphere and feeling and hopefully there will be more to come now.”

Glasby is also keen to produce his top form when it matters and, last month, he reached the last 64 of the World Amateur Championships.

“I went out to Malta for the World Amateur Championships and I qualified through my group in second place,” said Glasby.

“Unfortunately, I lost out 3-1 in the last 64 which was frustrating as the winner of the tournament gained a professional tour card.”

And working his way onto the top tour remains a huge target for Glasby.

“I’m currently playing on the world snooker challenge tour,” said Glasby.

“I’m ranked 29th with three events to go. I need some deep runs in them to have a chance of qualifying for the main tour.

“The Qualifying School is in May to also try and qualify for the main tour which is obviously what I want to achieve.”

But, in a further bid to help make that happen, Glasby is also seeking more sponsorship.

“I am currently sponsored by Hamilton Acoustic Solutions,” said Glasby.

“But I am looking for as much sponsorship as possible if anyone or companies are willing.”

Glasby can be contacted via Echosport through emailing or by calling 01268 469307 for more details.