SOUTHEND United's fans have their say on Saturday's 2-0 defeat to Coventry City at Roots Hall.

Really good effort from all 11 out there. At the end of the day, we were beaten by a better team. But the improvement under Sol is so clear to see. We’ve been competing against the League’s top sides consistently.


Young lads stepped up again. Played with passion and no fear. Referee bottled the big decision- I hate lambasting officials as I am referee, but between the three of them they got it totally wrong and it cost us. We go again Tuesday.


We started the game with five senior players (including Elvis). We finished the game with just four senior players. The youngsters that came in gave it a good go. Unfortunately at the moment we have no physical presence in the final third so never looked like scoring. Very tough times.


The youth players and the few experienced pros left are all trying their best and some of it is quite heartening. But we’ve got another 3 months of this. The novelty has worn off. We aren’t competitive and aren’t even pretending to be. Is a profoundly depressing state of affairs.


Clifford is a great find. Oxley was superb. The youngsters give heart and top work rate. For me , Coventry were up there as one of the best this season, the wind helped us. The fans were strong in voice and support again. Still sad to see another loss however.


Tom Clifford grows in stature with every performance. Thought all the youngsters did well. Bemused as to why Hutchinson doesn’t get more of an opportunity, he’s the most creative player we have. We weren’t helped by a shocking display by the officials in pretty poor conditions


Moaning about the refs really is a bad look and I try to avoid it but...he was as blatant an example of a ‘big team’ official as you’ll ever see. On the SUFC side - Clifford looks to be a real gem.


A competitive yet ultimately futile performance from the youth team shouldn’t hide the fact of how far we have sunk in the last few years. Injuries, pathetic referees and indifferent senior players are a part of that, but Ron Martin’s woeful club management is really to blame.


Good effort, as down to the bare bones. Most of the players gave 100 per cent. Clifford man of the match but ref ruined it again proper shocking from all three officials.


For me the best thing from this joke of a season is Clifford, this boy will go all the way.