SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 3-2 defeat to Burton Albion.

Going through the motions like most of the team, only 70 days to go until the end of the season. Bored of it all now.


Dieng’s been solid in defence, with Shaugnessy back, should have been those two central. Central midfield was a joke, all getting in each other’s way. Kelman isolated up top, this doesn’t work. Why have Goodship, Rush & Hutchinson left sitting on the bench when we’re losing and not make third sub?


Very jaded display, a definite step back from the last two performances. We set up far too negatively. Starting with just Kelman up top on his own invites teams to come at us and there was hardly ever an out ball so it just kept coming back at us.

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Our performance can only be summed up as boring, negative and lacked passion. To start a home game against a struggling team like Burton with only one striker showed a complete lack of ambition by Campbell. This season can’t end quick enough.


Thought players looked tired. Sol should have freshened it up a lot more from the start, and does he realise you are allowed to make three substitutions in one game? To not do that after three games in a week was ridiculous.


The youngsters should not even be out there.

They are because of the terrible financial management off the field leading to the decimation of our first team squad to pay a massive debt so if they make mistakes that’s understandable

@bloss_kevin Rarely can I blame our manager, but I have to blame Sol. Put simply, how can Mantom play in behind Kelman, and Hutchinson be left on the bench? Also, why move Dieng from centre back? Really poor decisions from the manager.


Can’t believe we’re playing one striker up front at home! Subs not utilised enough. Goodship and Hutchison surely could give us something fresh going forward to support Kelman?


I have to drag my self to home games. I’ve had a season ticket for 25 years and I’m struggling to get any enthusiasm to go to Roots Hall. I’ve got two seats and have missed so many games because it’s just dull!


Just dull. Burton were a competent, experienced, lower mid-table side and beat us comfortably. And we have 6 more home games before this ends.


Think the recent abundance of games has caught up with the squad @ljarvis27