SOUTHEND Saxons suffered a fourth defeat in five games, losing 31-15 at Shelford.

The setback kept Southend eighth in the London One North standings.

And Saxons’ director of rugby Josh Ward was left feeling frustrated at the final whistle.

“I’m incredibly disappointed,” said Ward.

“It’s hit me for six if I’m completely honest.

“Structurally we were a lot better going forwards but our personal collision skills were passive and soft in defence and you are never going to win games with this approach.

“We lacked intensity an aspect that is non negotiable as far as I’m concerned.

“We lost a few decisions at some key moments which is never easy to take with a three man team officiating.

“Twice I was apologised to by an official but the bottom line is we didn’t control the controllable well enough and Shelford did.”

Tom Richards and Mitch Bennett both bagged tries for Southend but Ward is keen for his side to react strongly.

“Losing games naturally sucks confidence but the people that make this group up are the only people to turn things around,” said Ward.

“The boys hurt,as do the staff but we will continue to magnify areas and address them throughout the week and compete for the remaining 30 points this season.”

Southend: Banks, Bennett, Ashton, Vaughan, Day, Lloyd, Branch, Bass, Grier, Armitage, Gemmell, O’Kill, Forster-Knight, Cooper. Wagstaff.