TWO work colleagues will turn rivals for 90 minutes when Concord Rangers host Royston Town in the quarter-finals of the FA Trophy this weekend.

Arron Benstead, Royston’s medical lead, and Abbie Garwood, Concord’s head sports therapist, work alongside each other at the Back 2 Best Sports Injury Clinic in Rochford.

But, on Saturday, they will be on opposite benches at the Aspect Arena and Benstead is looking forward to the contest.

“It’s going to be weird being against Abbie but I just want to enjoy the day and hopefully get into the semi-finals,” said Benstead.

“We’ve been working together for two-and-a-half seasons now and I’m looking forward to Saturday, especially as I’ll only be spending 10 minutes on the road for once and not about 10 hours!”

Benstead is currently enjoying his second season with Royston, who are third in the Premier Division of the Southern League.

And he is keen to win his own battle!

“The main thing is that I beat Abbie if we both have to run on to give treatment at the same time,” laughed Benstead.

“But it’s a big game for both teams. We’re doing really well and it’s going to be interesting.”

However, the work colleagues have not been speaking too much about the match.

“We honestly haven’t recently mentioned it and Abbie won’t tell me who is injured,” said Benstead.

“But I know Scopesy (manager Danny Scopes) at Concord as well.

“I played alongside him and for him as well at Leigh Ramblers and I know a few others as well so it’s going to be good.”

Garwood, who has been with Concord for the past four seasons, is also excited for what she feels will be her biggest game with the club so far.

“This will definitely be the biggest game I’ve been involved in,” said Garwood.

“Concord have been involved in bigger games but I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all goes.

“It’s a good game to be involved in but Concord is always a great environment to be in.

“The people are so nice and so genuine. It’s a family team and you always feel welcome.”

But Garwood has also not been mentioning the match too much at work.

“I’m not saying too much because I don’t want to give too much away,” she smiled.

“We’ve been winding each other up a bit with the odd comment but we haven’t really been taking it too seriously with what we’re saying.”