ECHOSPORT readers have their say on how the football season can end fairly amid the coronavirus pandemic and following the suspension of the campaign.

In all seriousness, play the games behind closed doors or end the season as is. Denying teams like Liverpool the title and then allowing teams like Southend to stay up is daylight robbery.


If you want to protect next season then this one has to be over in my book. Hard decision but all teams stay in their current leagues. Great for some, harsh for others. Any prize money given at current status in the league.


Season has to be completed. If there is less time next season because of this then scrap the League Cup and EFL Trophy for one season.


Finish the season whenever it’s possible to do so, when it’s safe for players and fans. Then worry about what happens for the following season then. It could easily be three to six months before it will be possible to play again so next season may need to be shortened somehow.


The only fair solution to all concerned is to complete the ‘season’ whenever that may be, even if it involves a sizeable break. Once that’s concluded then the form and timing of the following season can be considered.


Postpone the season until September. Then after a short break to organise start the new season, but cancel the EFL Trophy to free up space and avoid fixture congestion.


Promote those in automatic places but relegate no-one, next season have extra relegation spots in each league to even out the numbers. Either that or combine this season with whatever one is next and have a double season.


It could be a logistical nightmare to cancel the season, but I don’t see any way around it in this instance. Behind closed doors is unfair on fans and it would lose the club a lot of money in non ticket sales. As harsh as it may be, I don’t see another ball being kicked this season.


A 23 man Royal Rumble with all the managers from the teams in the division. Your placement determines where you finish in the table!