AFTER helping several others conquer tough looking challenges, Southend United’s academy manager Ricky Duncan is looking to complete one of his own.

The long-serving Shrimpers coach will join nine others, including Southend’s former chief executive Tara Brady, to hike 100 miles across Bodmin Moor at the start of April.

And Duncan is determined to complete the ‘Moors Tors Challenge’ to raise funds for the Addie Brady Foundation.

“Tara Brady - who everyone knows at the club - lost his daughter Addie two years ago,” explained Duncan.

“Tara and his wife Michelle have a foundation in her name which funds research into the type of cancer she had.

“I’m still very close friends with Tara and there was a group of us sitting round one day who decided we wanted to do something this year to raise money.

“Tara came up with the idea of this four or five day walk which I think he’s finding quite funny now!

“He’s still quite athletic and could probably run it if he wanted to. But the rest of us are 55 to 60 and walking is about where we’re at.”

Duncan has been training hard in the build up to the hike. And the memory of Addie, who passed away when she was just 16, remains his main motivation.

“Addie was a humbling person to meet,” said Duncan.

“She had bone cancer when she was nine in her leg.

“They took out the tibia bone and put titanium metal in her leg.

“She came through all of that and was clear but then when she was 15 she developed a brain tumour.

“Yet whenever you met her she was full of life. Her zest for life was unbelievable and when I was asked I thought why not straight away because she really was such an inspiration.

“She enjoyed her life more than most people would do if they lived until they were 80.”

And Duncan will not let an injury to his left foot get in the way of finishing.

“I’ve got some swelling in my left foot for some reason but nothing will stop me doing the walk,” said Duncan.

“I wanted to do something different and maybe it’s a midlife crisis but I’m putting my midlife crisis to a good cause.”

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