IN THE first of our series speaking to Southend United fans, Paul Harrison looks back on his time watching the Shrimpers at Roots Hall.

Name: Paul Harrison

Age: 41

How long have you been a Blues fan?

"Since 1986."

What was your first ever Blues game?

"Friday 10th October, 1986, Southend vs Colchester 1-1."

What's your favourite ever Blues goal?

"Wayne Gray at home to Bristol City to clinch the title, never known emotion like it at a football match. Humphrys last season nearly matched it (sadly I was home ill for the Pigott goal and stuck on a train for the Eastwood goal against Man Utd ). Third would be Peter Clarke away at Chelsea."

Favourite ever Blues player?

"Stan Collymore."

Favourite ever manager?

"I loved Fry when he was here. I loved that team. I was disappointed and gutted when he left. We had a real chance that season."

Favourite ever game?

"Erm, tough this. I hate games during them as when we need things I hate the nerves. When we won 3-0 at Colchester under Tilly, that was enjoyable.

"I've seen so many, it’s a tough one.

"Drawing 1-1 at Chelsea was great as no one expected anything from us.

"Winning 4-1 away to Millwall in the first League game at New Den is up there as well.

"Not sure I can pick one."