FANS recall their first ever Southend United matches. 

Liverpool FA Cup 1979. East Stand paddock with my late dad. Still got programme and ticket.


Southend 6, Oxford 1, Oct 1993. The game that hooked me.

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March 1998. Southend vs Bournemouth. 0-0 at half-time, finished 5-3 to Blues! Bonkers second-half.


I went to a few games in the late 70s with a neighbour and with my late father every time we played Millwall (he was a Lions fan). Then I started going on my own: 86/87 season Southend 4-Northampton 4. Was hooked from then onwards.


4 November 1984, at home to Blackpool. Lost 4-1. Think attendance was under 2,000.


November 1963, SUFC v Brighton, FA Cup first round, we won 2-1! Unfortunately lost at home in second round to Watford 2-0.

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Southend 0 Hereford 1 FA Cup First Road November 1980


1992 Southend 1 Wolves 1


Bournemouth at home around 1983? My dad took me to see George Best, it was important I did see him play. I don't remember it I was three years old. But I saw George Best play.


Southend v Gothenburg friendly 1989. Mum had a book club so dad had to find something for us to do!


Southend 3 Chesterfield 2, Dec 16th 2000, Ben Abbey with two, Scott Forbes with the other. Been trapped ever since


Mansfield at home in 2004, we lost 1-0 (obviously)


I believe Kidderminster at home in 2004. All I remember was Gower being subbed and I was distraught


Home to Workington 1968. Won 7-0. Stood about 10 feet from where I sit now in the East Stand! Friday night football!


Doncaster in the FA Cup 1998. They were non league so obviously an easy win for Southend. Lost 1-0.


Southend v Stockport on a Friday night in 1987 or 88 I think. Was allowed on the pitch to Paul Samsome autograph. Stood in North Bank. Memories.