BRETT Munyard has called on the final Eastern Counties League Division One South standings to be decided on a points-per-game basis after it was confirmed the remaining fixtures will not take place.

The Eastern Counties League Division One South season has been ended immediately due to the coronavirus outbreak, with it yet to be decided whether the term will be declared null and void or teams will be promoted and relegated on a points-per-game basis.

White Ensign are the table-toppers and Munyard would have preferred the remaining fixtures to eventually take place.

“For me, the only fair way is to try and get the games played whenever possible,” said player-manager Munyard.

“If that’s not possible then it has to be decided on a points-per-game system for many reasons.

“We have played 25 games and only have nine left, while some teams in our division only have seven remaining.

“I believe after that amount of time and the amount of points gained at that point that is a fair reflection on a league table.

“How can you let all that work, time and money just go to waste?”

Munyard maintains the season must not be declared null and void.

“For me, if you void a season at this stage you are playing with clubs’ futures,” added Munyard.

“Clubs would have spent money on facilities and players in order to get promotion and how will voiding it leave them clubs?

“Players and managers could leave and you’re basically punished for doing well if that’s the case.

“The teams who have done well are the ones getting punished in that scenario and I don’t understand how that could be fair.

“Those at the bottom of the table would be rewarded because they wouldn’t be relegated. That can’t be right. The only people who want the season voided are those who will be saved from relegation and, in my view, that isn’t a fair way of doing it.

“Where you are in March is where you deserve to be.”