SOUTHEND United legend Steve Tilson feels the suspension in the season should lead to a permanent change in football.

All League games have been postponed until at least the end of April due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But Tilson feels now is the time for the schedule to be altered.

“Personally I’ve always thought the season should start in March and be played through the summer,” said Tilson.

“It would be better for the kids and the fans wouldn’t be freezing cold or soaked.

“I just think it would make more sense and I know the festive games are popular but you’d get used to it."

However, Tilson is adamant the current campaign must be completed.

“For me this season has to be finished," said Tilson.

"You can't really have Liverpool not winning the League and Leeds and West Brom are going to get promoted too you would think.

"I just think you have to play the remaining games, however long that takes and then start to look at next season.

"But if there was ever time for a change, this is it."