RICHARD Smith is the latest Southend United fan in profile.

Name: Richard Smith

Age: 54

How long have you been a Blues fan?

"After my first game at Roots Hall. You could say it was love at first sight!"

What was your first ever Blues game?

"August 1975 vs Peterborough in the League Cup 1st Round, aged 10. I had just moved to Southend."

What's your favourite ever Blues goal?

"A toss up between Freddy’ s vs Manchester United and Joe Pigott at Wembley. I’ve changed my mind regularly on this, but it has to be the latter for for the drama after the feeling of despair going into injury time."

Favourite ever Blues player?

"So many to choose from. My first favourite was Ken Foggo, but others over the years include Colin Morris, Neil Freeman, Mervyn Cawston, Freddy, Adam Barrett, but it can only be Stan! A true once in a lifetime special talent."

Favourite ever game?

"Manchester United. To beat a team of Rooney, Ronaldo and numerous internationals was amazing. For the country to enjoy live on Sky made it sweeter, especially when going into work the next day!"

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