SOUTHEND United fans have their say on the latest stadium developments.

Same as always. Believe it when I see it.


I think there's at least a chance we could move now, albeit to a 14,000 three sided stadium in a new housing estate.

It appears the actual plans will be still substantially the same and only when (if) the large north stand gets built will we have a new ground to be proud of.


So we've waited for 30 years to be told we are getting a new stadium that is only marginally bigger than the Hall. It looks like the Council get everything whilst all the club now gets is a reduced size stadium in the middle of a large housing estate.


Certainly more realistic having housing rather than a retail park at Fossetts and therefore more achievable. Lots of questions remain as such a big project will need major infrastructure support in the form of access and other facilities for tenants. Just hope it happens.


Good news for the future of the club but worried that it a) will be cheap and nasty, b) will stay 3 sided forever (assuming plans haven’t changed) and c) may not even happen as we’ve been here before. Basically, I’ll believe it when I see it.


In the current climate I think it's good news that we as a club have a future in what have been unsure times.

Nice to have some positive news for once.


I’ll get excited once work actually begins on site. We’ve had these “here we go” moments a few times over the years. It’s a step in the right direction of course but I can’t get to excited.


Let’s hope this time it will happen, all fans accept this has not been easy. Anything that secures our future is a good thing but as both sites still need to get planning permission it is still early days. Keeping them crossed.


The most excited I’ve been in a while but it’s dragged on so long I don’t really believe anything anymore.


It's great that our future is somewhat secured subject to planning permission, how long that takes we dont know. But building it up to 21K is vital if Ron has ambitions of the Championship and so on.


Hopefully it happens, I feel 14,000 is about right, same as Bournemouth and look how well they have done. This is positive news at last hopefully with some additional new players to complement the youth we can compete again.


I’m glad to see that the plans are moving forward but am cautious as this has happened before. The capacity reduction is disappointing but we don’t ever sell out at Roots Hall currently. Just leave room to expand if needed. Don’t see why everything has to be about housing though.


It’s a sad day in many ways. We’ve all been to these modern, soulless concrete bowls on the edge of towns at away matches. They suck the life out of the experience. And for what? 3,000 extra seats? Such a shame.

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