BLUES fan Lewis Hobday has his say.

A world without football is a very strange and bizarre concept.

Unfortunately, we are living through a period of history where football pales into insignificance.

During this difficult time, we must all play our part by strictly following the government guidelines and supporting each other as a community.

I hope that everyone associated with Southend United, their friends and family remain safe and well. We will get through this together.

Now from a purely football focused perspective…...

The season has been paused at a rather unfortunate time from a footballing perspective.

The team had been putting in some good performances which culminated in an emphatic win against an albeit struggling Bristol Rovers.

I was certainly keen to see what Sol’s youthful could produce across the season’s remaining games.

When or if the season will continue has been a topic of huge debate, pretty much since the first postponement was announced.

I have seen all manner of theories suggested; from simply continuing where we left off, a mini tournament or making the season null and void.

From a very selfish perspective, the most preferable outcome for us would be for this season to be erased from footballing history.

However, being brutally honest, that would probably be hugely unfair and not an outcome which we deserve.

Whatever way the season does end; it certainly will not be in the way in which we are used to.

What the performances and league debate cannot hide is the very concerning financial difficulties which our club is facing.

The unsettling headlines relating to HMRC court dates and late wage payments have re-appeared.

This, of course, has now been worsened by the current financial climate.

We will not be alone as a club who will likely financially struggle during this period.

The hope has to be that funding comes from the wealthy Premier League to help clubs make it through.

This aside though, the number one focus for when football starts again has to be the financially sustainability of our club.

One piece of positive financial news recently was progress on our new stadium.

This is a topic that feels like it has been around for an eternity.

My family has a copy of a match day programme from the 1980s which talks about the stadium – in fact, we once gave a copy to Phil Brown to show the chairman!

Whilst this is great for the club’s future, there is still a very long journey ahead; including further planning permission.

I personally will not believe anything until I see a spade in the ground!

I’m sure we all cannot wait for football to return and to take our seats back at Roots Hall – whenever that may be.

There is one thing for certain, I will never take that match day feeling for granted again…win, lose or draw.

Up the Blues!