CONCORD Rangers manager Danny Scopes feels football will be more sustainable when the coronavirus pandemic ends.

Non-league sides have not played since early March.

And Scopes believes clubs will no longer be able to splash the cash.

“I think it might help football be more sustainable because it was getting out of control,” said Scopes.

“Football is going to change and I think clubs will be smarter with their spending maybe.

“I don’t think players will be able to govern the money they did before and wages and budgets will be cut at all football clubs.”

However, Scopes is keen to keep things the same at Concord.

“We’re in contact with our current squad and our aim this year is to get some continuity,” said Scope.

“We’ve had big turnovers in the last two seasons.

“But we want to keep most of the squad together and add some experience and quality in areas we need it to make us a better outfit for next year.

“We’re working as normal until someone tells us otherwise but it’s difficult and everyone is on pause at the moment really.

“I think players are waiting to see what develops before making any decisions.”

And it is also tough for clubs off the field right now.

“From the club’s point of view it’s been difficult because you lose the revenue of those last few games and the function suite as well because that makes money during the summer with parties and events,” he added.