HAVENS Hospices have launched a ‘virtual challenge’ to help boost income after Coronavirus forced it to cancel and postpone public fundraising events.

Havens has launched its ‘30 in 30’ campaign which will run until 31st August 2020.

And they are challenging people to walk, run or cycle 30 miles across 30 days during this time.

Emma Hamilton, Voluntary Income Area Team Leader and event organiser said: “Havens Hospices’ income has taken a major hit after having to postpone and cancel the majority of our fundraising events so we’ve had to come up with other fun ways to raise vital funds for our essential hospice care.

“While a lot of people may feel their lives have been put on hold, palliative nursing and hospice care has not stopped and we must continue to be there for those at the end of their lives.

“We feel that ‘30 in 30’ is a great campaign to bring our fantastic community together – without them our essential hospice care would not exist. 

Havens have chosen 30 miles because that is the average distance one of its Hospice at Home nurses will travel in a day to care for patients and families in the community.

Joining the virtual campaign is free, but the charity is asking participants to fundraise as much as possible so Havens Hospices can continue ‘Making every day count’ for everyone they care for.

If challengers raise £30 they will receive a medal, plus a t-shirt if they raise £150 or more.

This is a challenge for everyone to take part in and doesn’t have to be physical.

It can be any challenge based around the number 30 or even the number three.]

To sign up click here