BILLY Knott is determined to get himself back on track – both on and off the football pitch.

The 27-year-old former Sunderland and Bradford City midfielder is on the look out for a new club after leaving Chelmsford City at the end of last season.

But Knott, who is based on Canvey, is facing far greater challenges as he continues to battle with depression and alcoholism.

“It’s not been great for me lately to tell the truth and I know I’m at a cross roads now,” said Knott.

“To be brutally honest it’s embarrassing for me that people will see this.

“Those who know me will know exactly why I’m saying this and I have to plead with them to let me have the chance to earn the respect back over time.

“I’m with my fiancé and her two kids as well and honestly I have never loved someone like this before.

“But my antics and attitude off the pitch is killing that as well.

“She is an incredible person and I’m on the verge of losing that as well.

“It’s got to a point where I can’t let that happen.

“I need to change for her, myself, the kids, my family and my friends.

“It’s been a very, very hard couple years to tell the truth.”

Knott came through the ranks with Chelsea before also lining up in the Premier League for Sunderland.

The midfielder also represented England in his youth but has found it tough to rediscover his best form in recent times.

“It wasn’t great for me at Chelmsford on and off the pitch,” said Knott.

“I lost focus and didn’t do myself or Chelmsford fans any favours and I’m gutted for that to be honest.

“I apologise to them because they were great with me but they didn’t see anywhere near enough from me.”

And Knott knows he is running out of time to rescue his career.

“I would love to go back full time but I fully understand at this point my name is losing its reputation rapidly,” said Knott.

“I have to earn that chance or get lucky and prove to the club that gives me a chance it’s worth it.

“I want to prove people wrong but it’s very hard at the moment.

“All I’m thinking about is getting myself right first and foremost then hopefully by the time football comes around I’ll be buzzing and excited as much as everyone else is to get the game back up and running.”