PAUL Sturrock still has one burning ambition in football.

The 63-year-old former Southend United boss is not looking for a return to the professional game.

But the experienced manager would love to take charge of an amateur team close to him.

“Once we get back on our feet and we find a cure for this thing.

“I’m going to take over an amateur team in the lower leagues in the Plymouth area and see how many leagues we can go up,” said Sturrock, who spent three years in charge of Blues.

“I’d have trial games at the start of every season and we would wear tangerine like Dundee United.

“But that’s only kind of team I’d like to manage now.”

However, Sturrock remains involved with the professional game.

And, before the season stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sturrock had been a regular at Plymouth Argyle’s home games.

“I’m an ambassador for Plymouth and I go to every home game,” said Sturrock.

“I’ve also been doing after dinner speaking and before this lockdown I did a big one at Dundee United.

“I’d love to do one at Southend too.”

But Sturrock is still finding ways to stay busy.

“I’ve got my fishing rod, my golf clubs and my metal detector so I’m happy,” said Sturrock.

“I haven’t found much though, just rings and a few coins.”