DAVID Worrall insists his favourite Wembley moment was being taken off before the penalty shoot out unfolded!

Worrall played a key part in the Shrimpers surge to the play-off final against Wycombe Wanderers on this day back in 2015.

But the winger was not on the pitch by the time Phil Brown’s side confirmed their place in League One.

“One of the best memories is probably that I came off before the penalties,” laughed Worrall.

“I’m not sure I would have wanted to take one because you don’t want to be the one who misses and you lose because that’s what people talk about for the rest of your life.

“But we had Daniel Bentley in the net so we always knew we had a really great chance.”

Bentley saved two spot-kicks to ensure the Shrimpers triumphed 7-6.

And it remains one of Worrall’s favourite moments in football.

“It was a great day for everyone against a good team,” said Worrall.

“We hadn’t beaten them in the League and it was huge at Wembley, especially after missing out at Morecambe on the final day.

“I actually feared it was going to be another Morecambe.

“They got an amazing free-kick which deserved to win any game but we had the strength to keep going and we got that one chance which Pigs (Joe Pigott) put away.”

And Worrall still feels it was the Shrimpers’ team spirit which helped them get over the line.

“We had a great changing room and that’s what Phil Brown wanted and put together,” said Worrall.

“We were all close outside of football and we were always out together.

“The manager always encouraged that team bonding if it was the right time.

“Me, Lenny (Ryan Leonard), Hursty (Kevan Hurst), Cokes (Ben Coker) and Will (Atkinson) lived very close to each other so we were always together and that spirit we had played a big part.

“It was a special time and I remember people were just running everywhere at the end.

“It didn’t really sink in for a few days and you’re riding a wave you don’t want to end.”

Worrall stayed with the Shrimpers for another season but eventually left after falling out with Brown.

“I didn’t want to leave the group of lads and I knew they would be there or there abouts the season after but it had become a bit bitter between me and Phil Brown so I fancied a change,” said Worrall.

“He did try and keep me but I’d already made my mind up by then that I was going to look elsewhere.

“It was mainly about the time I didn’t sign a new contract but I didn’t reject it either.

“I just wanted some thinking time but then all of a sudden I wasn’t in the team or even on the bench.

“That made my mind up really and I just thought my time at Southend was done.”

However, Worrall – who is now with Port Vale – relished his time at Roots Hall.

“I really enjoyed it at Southend and loved it there really,” said Worrall.

“I liked living there and Southend gave me a chance after I hadn’t really played so much the year before.

“I found it tough to start with and I don’t think I started a League game for the first two or three months.

“But I got a chance against Exeter and it clicked into place after that.

“The lads and the fans were all great with me and I couldn’t really say anything bad about the football club.

“We’ll always have that day at Wembley to all look back on together as well.”