DUNCAN Jupp was trying to cause a diversion when he became a play-off hero for Southend United.

Jupp sprinted from deep inside his own half to score the Shrimpers’ second goal in a 2-0 win against Lincoln City at the Millennium Stadium, 15 years ago today.

But the right back, who had gone more than 10 years without a goal, initially surged forward to give Freddy Eastwood more room to attack.

“I made a run forward and being honest I just thought I was creating a diversion for Freddy,” said Jupp.

“I was never expecting him to actually pass it but he must have been knackered so he did!

“I thought about hitting it first time but the Southend fans were behind the goal and I thought if I did that I wonder which one of them is going to catch it.

“I had a touch and I tackled it into the net really.”

But Jupp had no idea what to do after seeing the ball hit the back of the net.

“It went in and I thought well what do I do now,” laughed Jupp.

“My first thought was knowing my luck I bet the linesman has his flag up and I need to get back to defend.

“That’s the reason why I started to sprint back until the lads jumped on me.

“But being honest it was just a massive relief because it was 2-0 and there wasn’t long left.

“It was a great moment and every now and then it pops up online so I’ll watch it on YouTube.

“But it’s not as though I have many others to watch on there!”