FORMER Southend United manager Steve Tilson feels football would benefit from a reduction in numbers.

Tilson, who spent seven years in charge of the Shrimpers, was asked how the game could improve.

And the 53-year-old believes both teams lining up with 10 players would be the best alteration.

“I think it would make the game more entertaining because there would be more space,” said Tilson.

“There would be more goals and you do see that now whenever both teams go down to 10 men for whatever reason. I got asked about one rule change and for me that’s what I’d do.

“I’d keep the pitch the same side and I think it would just make the games better.”

Tilson won back to back promotions during his time in charge of Blues.

And he is keen to encourage attacking football.

“A lot of teams sit back and with 10 aside, especially for away teams, it would be a lot more difficult to do that,” said Tilson, who also made 275 appearances for the Shrimpers.

“It would make the game more open and better to watch. I think everyone wants to see more goals and it would just be more entertaining so that’s the one change I would make.

“I know other people would look at the offside rule and things like that but my number one option would be to go down to 10 against 10.”

Tilson still works in football, coaching at South Essex College.But he has used working from home during the coronavirus pandemic to work on his own fitness.

“It’s the fittest I’ve been in a long time,” said Tilson.

“I’ve been running twice a day after work and I’ve found it alright to be honest. Sometimes when you do a lot of coaching you can go a bit stale come the end of the season.

“But after this break I’m itching to get back to it and I’m missing playing as well.”