CHRIS Green feels he could not have achieved any more in charge of Rochford Hundred.

Green won promotion in all three of his seasons at Magnolia Road.

But he will not be with the club in National Two South next season after failing to agree a new deal.

“The club offered me something which I didn’t feel I needed to reply to at that point,” said Green.

“It was May 11th and I was asked to make a decision on that day, even though there wasn’t even a fixture list in place.

“The phone call took one minute and I haven’t heard anything since.

“But I’ve since found out they have a competitive budget with all the players staying, which wasn’t what I was told at the time.

“It was a situation which was thrust upon me really but I’m proud of what we achieved.

“We did it better than anyone could have done it too.”

Rochford won a trio of titles with Green in charge.

And he was keen to thank the players for their efforts.

"The squad we had have all been excellent and I thank Wayne Seaby and (chairman)Peter van den Broeck and also Mike Guess who was instrumental in bringing me in," said Green.

"The club are congratulating themselves on social media on their recruitment but five or six more will sign and I’ve been the sole person in charge of bringing them in.

"I've helped (head coach) Danny Cleare even after my exit due to out friendship but it will be interesting to see their recruitment policy going forward."

However, Green – who was with Southend Saxons before joining Rochford – is not targeting an immediate return to rugby.

“I’ll have this year out of rugby,” said Green.

“I’ll be down to watch all the local teams and I’m looking forward to it.

“I’ve not fallen out with anyone and it’s true that I do need to get out and work on my firm.

“Rugby doesn’t pay the bills like this would.”