SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Sol Campbell’s departure from the club.

It’s the right decision for both parties. Really got behind him when he arrived but the frustration with signings was clear and from there on the relationship with Ron Martin was untenable. Next appointment needs to be our manager for the long term, with a plan on and off the pitch.


Was never the right fit in my opinion. Agree that he did make some changes to fitness and training early on which showed an improvement, but he never made any connection with players or fans nor enough improvement.


Sad that it didn’t work out for either party but Sol did himself no favours with his apparent distancing from the club’s fans and players in the last few months. He will soon be forgotten by most Blues fans.


Great news. I said he was the wrong appointment at the time, but hoped I’d be wrong. I wasn’t. No charisma. A strange character, arrogant and not what the club needed. Bad choice by Ron and now the club is back in League Two. Hopefully a fresh and exciting new start.


Whilst it’s difficult to be too critical of the results since Sol’s arrival due to the impossible circumstances he’s had to work with, it’s just as hard to feel too disappointed he’s left. Time to appoint someone who is 100 per cent focused on the club and who the fans can connect with.


Given he wasn’t Ron’s first choice, that was never going to be a great starting point for working relations between them. Once the players hadn’t been paid on time things probably only went downhill between them.


If you’d have asked me before lockdown I’d have liked him to stay. But when you find out he wasn’t talking to anyone at the club when he wasn’t on furlough, that’s just not acceptable. Going on Sky made it clear he didn’t really care about us, so this is good news I think.


I had high hopes when he joined us and I still think he has the potential to be a very good manager He inherited a broken team. That said he does seem aloof, cryptic at times and not a great communicator.


Some would say he did well with the younger players, but look, those players would have tried hard anyway.



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