FORMER Southend United midfielder Peter Butler is keen to make a Roots Hall return as manager.

Butler – who made 167 appearances during a successful four year spell with the Shrimpers – is currently in charge of Liberia’s national team.

But he would be keen to take charge of Blues.

“Yes, I would be very interested in speaking to the club and hearing their plans for the future,” said Butler, who played for Southend between 1988 and 1992.

“I am presently the national team manager of Liberia and it’s a position I am very proud to hold.

“I have a responsibility to the country to identify, nurture and develop the best youngsters for the national teams here.

“But it would be a great privilege to coach or manage at Southend United.”

Butler has also taken charge of Botswana’s national team during his managerial career.

And he feels he has the experience needed to help the Shrimpers.

“I feel the knowledge I have acquired over the years has been invaluable and working with Super League teams in a foreign country and then holding two national team positions has been a great experience,” said Butler.

“Taking teams into World Cup qualifiers and AFCON qualifications has been an unbelievable experience and taking Botswana to number 86 in the FIFA rankings was a wonderful achievement as it’s not really a well-known football nation.”

But, despite having mainly worked abroad since hanging up his boots, Butler is still fully up to speed with the English game.

“I have kept abreast of English Football and I’m very well versed with the goings on and the situation back in the English game,” said Butler.

“Football wherever you go is an international game and there are many young players who are Liberians plying their trade in the English Leagues like Chris Saydee at Bournemouth and Noah Kenneh at Leeds so I know the Leagues very well.

“I have also kept a close eye on the comings and goings of players and managers.”

And Butler has been saddened by the Shrimpers’ recent struggles which has seen them relegated from League One.

“I always look out for Southend's results and it’s been a difficult period for the club,” said Butler, who also lined up for West Ham in the Premier league during his career.

“I don't wish to comment on previous managers but supporters want to be entertained and witness heart and soul being applied and players putting a shift in.

“I always remember David Webb saying to me supporters will forgive you for making mistakes but will not tolerate lack of effort, that is mandatory in League Two or any League really. “If you cannot compete you’re in trouble.

“You need good organisation and discipline and a clear philosophy of how you wish to play has to be imbedded into the players.

“There is no room for shirkers in League Two.”

Butler was certainly not afraid to get stuck in while lining up for the Shrimpers.

And he holds happy memories from his time with Blues where he won back to back promotions.

“I spent many wonderful years at Southend,” said Butler.

“I had a very successful and enjoyable time at the club and worked with some amazing characters and managers.

“I realise what that club means to the local community and Southend is a special place.

“Playing there on a Friday night was always something I loved and cherished.”


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