FORMER Southend United manager Phil Brown believes Craig Fagan has what it takes to follow in his foot-steps.

Fagan was part of the Hull City side, bossed by Brown, which won promotion to the Premier League back in 2008.

And Brown feels Fagan has the personality needed to become a manager.

“Craig’s got excellent people skills and he’s never been frightened to haul people out if he think something is happening which shouldn’t be happening,” said Brown.

“He will speak up but obviously he has to learn to only do that at the right times.

“Craig has been a bit of a hot head as a player but as a coach I think he’s learnt to cool down.

“He deals with the situations when they arise and moves on.”

Fagan has been in charge of the Shrimpers’ under 23 side since the start of last season and Brown believes the 37-year-old should jump at the chance to replace Sol Campbell if he is offered the role.

“Craig might not have thought this was the right time or the right opportunity but sometimes you can’t wait and if you do then it doesn’t happen," said Brown.

"I think it’s a fantastic opportunity because the club is bigger than the second division but you have to prove that on and of the pitch."

And Brown also feels Fagan's lack of managerial experience is not a problem.

"Serving your time is important but learning on the job is another way of succeeding in this world, said Brown.

"If you do that then the guy at the top has to be careful with you but Craig has always been an ambitious lad.

"In an ideal world you would want an experienced guy who can hopefully take you back up as soon as possible but sometimes you can't have that."