A QUARTET of clubs are looking to make Billericay the south Essex sporting hub thanks to a new initiative.

Billericay Town Football Club, Billericay Cricket Club, Billericay Lawn Tennis Club and The Burstead Golf Club have joined forces to form the Billericay Sports Hub, which gets up and running today.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in sport being put on hold for an extended period of time, with the football and cricket seasons hampered while members were kept away from the tennis courts and putting greens.

Greg Lake, co-owner of Billericay Town, says the new concept has come to fruition with the community in mind.

He said: “The idea came about because we have had the ambition to do more for the community and become a true community club.

“Since installing an artificial surface at the club earlier this month, we have more teams from different age groups training at the stadium but we wanted to go further than that.


United - Billericay Town Football Club, Billericay Cricket Club, Billericay Lawn Tennis Club and The Burstead Golf Club (top to bottom, left to right) Pictures: NICKY HAYES/iCORE LTD

“We talked to the cricket club about joining forces because we think it’s important to help each other out.

“Both clubs have different resources and there is scope for us to do all sorts of things – including charitable events – for the community.

“We’ve also got the tennis and golf clubs involved and it seemed like a no-brainer for all of us to join forces and create a hub for the people of Billericay.”

Lake revealed talks had been ongoing for a number of months.

He added: “We began discussions with the cricket club just before lockdown. While lockdown put events on the pitch on hold, it allowed us time to continue talks and get this idea off the ground.


“After talking to the the tennis and golf clubs, it escalated from there and this is the perfect time to announce the establishment of the Billericay Sports Hub because sports are starting to come back.”

Lake hopes the new initiative will pay off for the clubs and people of Billericay.

He explained: “The Billericay Sports Hub’s goal is to attract more people to come and have a go at sports as well as watch their local teams.

“We can do more to promote sport in the area and we want the Billericay Sports Hub to allow the teams in the area to thrive. We want to make Billericay a more vibrant area for sport and there is also that element of giving back to the community.”