DARREN Moore feels a lack of experience should not count against Craig Fagan.

The 37-year-old is among the front-runners to be Southend United’s next manager.

And Doncaster boss Moore is adamant the Shrimpers should not be put off by Fagan’s inexperience as a manager.

“Right now in football I think you can throw a lack of experience out the window,” said Moor.

“There are a multitude of people in positions now throughout the football fraternity who have been given roles.

“You’ve got Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Neil Harris, Thomas Frank.

“There is a long list of them who at some point have been given a chance.

“It was the same with me at West Brom too.

“I was in there with the 23s and had six games in the Premier League after Alan Pardew left.

“That went really well and I was given the role last year in the Championship.

“There are a multitude of us around who have been given a chance at a relatively young age.

“We’ve gone in but how do you know what someone can do unless you give them a chance.”

And Moore is certain Fagan, who is currently in charge of the Shrimpers’ under 23 side, can definitely make the step up.

“Does Craig Fagan know the game? Yes. Can he coach? Yes. Has he got respect from the players? Yes,” said Moore.

“He ticks all the boxes and you get experience by being given a role.

“The fact Craig is being talked about as manager shows that he’s got the credentials to do it.

“The only reason he is is because during his time at the club he’s shown his management material.

“We can’t turn around and say he hasn’t got experience because if you kept doing that when would anyone get experience?

“Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s the same with players at the start of their careers too.

“They get a chance because they’ve been deemed to have the talent.

“Craig has now showcased he has the talent so I think you just need to be brave and say come on then lets go.”