SOUTHEND United chairman Ron Martin provides Echosport with an update on his search for a new manager. 

"At the beginning of the process to identity the club's new manager I set out my criteria.

"Ideally I wanted a young, super energetic manager who would live Southend United.

"Crucially not simply a person “with fresh ideas”, rather a modern manager that leaves no stone unturned and has total dedication to always doing his and his team’s best to win.

"I interviewed a considerable variety of people, including some of the “merry go round” managers, not that any would be serious contenders but because I wanted to make a direct comparison with others.

"I certainly didn’t want a “fly by the seat of their pants” type.

"I wanted the attention to detail and analysis so nothing, as best we can, is left to chance.

"I have talked about wanting the Blues to be a religion, indeed it is for many of us and we need a like-minded manager whose wakeful hours are absorbed with the quest for success.

"I don’t think this is demanding and even if it sounds that way to some, it does not to our successful candidate.

"He wants want all our supporters have rightly demanded for the past two miserable seasons; winning.

"The losses had become a mindset and a cultural change in the club was required - together we are going to deliver just that.

"We have fantastic supporters and a big town that is growing.

"A town that could so easily support a bigger club.

"The Council are giving Southend United that opportunity and it needs to be grabbed with both hands, and now.

"We have rid ourselves of many players over an extended period that were not in keeping with the vision I have for our club.

"I can, with the Council’s support, build the stadium but I need the right person ... as I said during interview we have all the ingredients and now need the chef.

"We are now in the final throes of settling contractual terms and expect to announce our man within 48 hours.”