CONCORD Rangers chairman Ant Smith is calling for supporters to be allowed in to watch non-league teams next season.

As things stand, pre-season friendlies and the National League South campaign will be getting underway behind closed doors in October due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But that leaves Smith fearing for the future of several non-league clubs.

“We’re seeing it already with big non-league clubs like Dover and Wealdstone already putting warnings out about being in trouble but we all know there will be hundreds more as well,” said Smith.

“Of course it’s about money but it’s for the fans as well.

“I’ve seen so many people tweeting about how much they enjoy coming to games and how it helps with their mental health as well.

“There are so many angles to it but ultimately it is about the clubs surviving.”

Concord have been out of action since last March, due to coronavirus.

And the Beach Boys have been hit hard after also being unable to utilise their facilities off the pitch.

“It’s been a huge loss for us with the clubhouse being shut and we’ve had two function rooms that have been out of use for six months now,” said Smith.

“We normally get around £40,000 from that to help towards the season.

“We haven’t got that now but we haven’t taken out any loans or anything like that so we haven’t got ourselves into any debt either.”

Smith is now looking at ways to help the club next season.

And he firmly believes fans should be able to play their part as their presence and the resulting gate receipts would provide a huge boost.

“We all know that the chances of catching Covid outside are thousands to one right now,” said Smith.

“We’re drawing up plans right now about how we could do it but you look around and you see all the people on the beaches and everything else.

“ I’ve seen other things going on and we would be a hell of a lot safer than any of them so hopefully fans will be allowed in.”

And Smith has taken to Twitter in a bid to raise awareness of the situation being faced by several football clubs around the country.

“It’s been fantastic on there,” said Smith.

“Dorking Wanderers and ourselves have been tweeting and a few other groups have popped up as well.

“ I looked earlier and my tweet alone attracted three quarter of a million impressions.

“It’s out there and I just hope someone out there picks it up and sees sense.

“ I feel sorry for some of the smaller clubs who are being made to play in September with no fans.

“In Ryman Premier and above you start to pay the players a bit more money and I can’t see how the clubs can afford to do it with no fans or income.

“It really is a lot of money.”