SOUTHEND United's fans have their say on Saturday's 4-0 defeat to Harrogate Town at Roots Hall.

The players are going to get some stick but in all honesty it’s not really deserved, they shouldn’t be in this situation. Relegated clubs always need a pretty sizeable rebuild, we can’t have that with a transfer embargo. Change is needed @LeonImber

Shouldn't really pass judgement after one game but we are in big trouble and I hope Ron can see it to. Its hard to see anything other than relegation with the current squad.


Yes the players are young and inexperienced but this was embarrassing. Desperately need the finances sorted so we can bring in some hard working players that are willing to do the dirty work in League Two. Otherwise a long and difficult season!


Don’t really know what some expected. Sure, we were poor, but so frustrating to see people complaining so much after 45 minutes of the season, especially when so many had asked for patience with Molesley. At least the wake up call has come early, Ron has to get this sorted.


The best thing about that was we didn’t have to go all the way to Roots Hall to watch it.


Arguably one senior pro (Oxley, who had a stinker) in the entire matchday squad. You can’t compete in League Two with that level of inexperience.


Far, far worse than I feared and I was pessimistic going into it. Few of those players are currently League level, some never will be. Big changes needed just to give us a chance of staying up.


Let's not blame the players. Tough circumstances at present. Harrogate were always going to come with confidence and they were well organised. I am not a fan of playing out from the back, but we need to be patient and allow MM to get players use to his style. The only way is up.


The result simply shows the terrible state of the club as a whole. We somehow need to find a way to get some experienced players into the club, or else we will drop out the League this season.


Worrying performance especially when Harrogate never really had to get out of second gear and had no real physical presence yet won so comfortably


An embarrassing result however you try to dress it up Harrogate were organised, and looked like a team that are used to playing together White and Dieng were missed at the back there's a lot that needs sorting off the pitch before MM has a chance to build the team he wants.


Harrogate were a solid unit intimidating and overpowering our frail squad. Amateur hour for three goals and "captain's" example was non-existent. Missed senior players badly. Too many wayward passes from wanting too long on the ball. We were denied by one good save and the post.


Practically same team as last season which equals similar results. I have confidence in MM but the players are just not up to it through lack of experience or simply not good enough. Ron has to sort this embargo out but I’ve been saying that for months! Very concerned fan.


A new season and the on going problems from the last two seasons continue to cause the same problems. We still seem to have more injured players than fit players. Our starting line-up had no spine, no midfield and no physical presence. We were second best all over the park.


It was a hungry newly promoted non-league side against an immature bunch of school kids waiting for their next lesson, Molesley has a lot to do with the team it's not his fault, Ron needs to sort the finances out so we can pick up that must needed experience and drive.


Second best in every department. Not rocket science, this squad is not experienced or good enough. Only one man can change this position. You could put Klopp or Pep in charge but without some skilled experience to help balance & bring the kids on it’s a massive ask.


Embarrassing. They might be a young inexperienced side but that was totally unacceptable, men against boys, so many mistakes look like a pub team not professionals. Looking like another bad season.


I'm gutted for the kids who have been thrown to the wolves. Didn't renew my season card as high risk for Covid, but glad I didn't after 40 years of having one. Don't know if I'll ever go back sadly.


Cant see anyone wanting to play for us, we were a shambles, but that's not down to the players nor mamager, we are just to inexperienced and need some experienced players to be brought in, the likes of Timlin could be able to give the team some direction.


No one to blame but Ron I’m afraid. Men vs boys and I fear unless we have the embargo lifted soon you are witnessing the beginning of the end. A sad day.


Another season that starts with optimism and hope. However, the team looked so lightweight, literally boys against men. Desperately need White and Dieng back and an aggressive tough, ball winner in the middle. Big week, the tax man and game against Carlisle after they also lost.


Our youngest ever team - I think that speaks volumes


I'll try and be positive. It can't get worse than that can it?


You cannot just throw a team of 20 year olds against a team that has played sucessfully for the last couple of seasons. Our new manager had no other option other than to do this, can we hear the thoughts of other members of the board not just the chairman.


A new low. No blame with anyone on the pitch or the management team, the embargo needs to be lifted and Mark needs additions otherwise another relegation is on the cards.


Terrible, but what do you expect with kids. Ron needs to sort out the embargo on the 16th so Mark Molesley can bring in five or six new faces or we are destined for the National League without doubt.