SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 2-0 defeat at Carlisle United.

First 30 mins we were on top and looked good. Unlucky first goal and perhaps heads dropped from there. Had a few chances but could not convert. Egbri was my MOM. Defence needs work. Still not up to playing from back. Knocking it about at the back 2-0 down is not good. We learn and go again


Frustrating, didn’t feel we were particularly outplayed. Carlisle got a slice of luck for the first goal, we’re not getting that luck going forward because we’re not being brave enough. Too many players playing it safe rather than having a shot. Don’t look like scoring at all.


No surprise really ... we aren't expecting to win any games with the current team.We need at least eight more signings and we all know this won't happen.Most of our team isn't League Two or even National league quality . We are in big trouble.


We offered no attacking threat, until we have some presence up front we are in for some very tough games


Another hard watch, can't see where a goal is going to come from let alone a win! We have a chance against Morecombe next week but if we lose that we are in massive trouble.


The same old story as it has been over the last two seasons. An okay start but once that first goal goes in our heads drop and it’s basically game over. No quality to ever getting back in to a game once we go behind. Carlisle a team who’ll be down there with us as well.


Easy to focus on the negatives, they’ve been documented elsewhere, positives from the game: Egbri still gives 110% and will worry full backs as his confidence grows, I like Green and Ralph is getting back to his best. Long long season ahead though.


Same old story. Can’t defend for toffee and can’t create any chances to score. Powder puff at both ends of the pitch.


Poorest team I’ve seen in my 38 years of being a Shrimper. It’s not their fault though being hung out to dry every week. All the fault lies with Ron.


Until the second goal we were in the game I am sure with a few of the experienced players back we will get the mix right but getting all the injured players back at once is a big if.


We’re in deep deep trouble if we have to carry on with this team. One or two youngsters grand, but we need experience. Also, no harm but I think we need a new keeper too.


Another tough day, I can't help but feel that with a mix of Lennon, White, Dieng and JD back plus with a fit Macca and Akinola we can be more competitive than currently. I feel for the team and manager, clearly trying all they can. Molesley speaks honestly, this is refreshing!


We can’t defend a high ball and we can’t win a header up front. Pretty basic shortcomings in League Two.


Bolton cancelled fixtures last season because they only had kids and they were getting beat every week. Is it time we do the same ?


Hopefully Akinola gives us what we need up top because its not looking like anything is going to happen in the final third.


We’re in big trouble financially and on the pitch. Even if Ron sorts out the tax bill, playing wise, the squad had too many U23s.The older injured players are all defenders,but midfield and attack need strengthening now as we don’t look like scoring.If we don’t we’ll need a miracle.


Feel for these kids, there's promise in some of them but it's asking too much for them to all be blooded together. An improvement on last week but no goal threat and silly mistakes inviting the opponents on. Dieng, White and Demetriou will make a difference but squad needs more quality.


This has been one of the worst weeks in the club's history. To cap it off we gift a very average team three points. Once again our defending was sloppy, midfield totally absent and we never looked like scoring. These youngsters are trying there best but they desperately need help.


We are in all sorts of bother on and off the pitch, to put it mildly.