SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 2-1 defeat to Morecambe at Roots Hall.

Kyle Taylor looks a really solid signing, really calming presence and moves the ball on well. Elvis has been really poor and the less said about Kelman the better. You're sick of hearing this but badly need more creative players.


It hurts, with the world the way it is, I just want to rant and criticise like others, but thats not fair. Improving week after week. I want to see us shoot on site, if we don't shoot we can't score.


Too many players who are playing aren’t ready for this level of football and are out of their depth and it’s no fault of their own. It’s unfair on them but we need to move some on to get more quality in or we’ll be going down, it’s that simple. Lack of pre season showing now too


Best performance this season. Kyle Taylor played well and JD controlled midfield. But Elvis plodded through the game. Egbri struggled, and Goodship did nothing all game. Green took an early heavy knock and couldn’t get into the game. But the signs of improvement were there.


A team completely bereft of any confidence. Will need a 2-0 lead to secure first win as they are so soft mentally. The Kelman mistake when he had three simple passes on summed up where they are. Decision making is poor. Need a spark up top and a leader at the back.


Repeat from last week. Lightweight, nothing up top and we make such soft, soft mistakes regardless of whether they are ‘kids’ or not. 1-0 up and lost 2-1,the team needs to learn to scrap.


Kyle Taylor looks an excellent signing and we played some nice, neat stuff. We lack creativity though and we desperately need some muscle. Akinola’s pace should also make a difference. Bwomono and Kelman are a shadow of their former selves.


Taylor looks a class above but ultimately another very frustrating afternoon. It’s not much fun at all at the moment to be honest. I feel for the manager and the blame attached to them.


I will not dwell on our problems but there were some positives I thought Kyle Taylor and JD linked up well and Richard Taylor probably had his best game in a Blues shirt.


Trying to be positive, Taylor looks a good signing, passing and movement from him was good. Good to have JD back. Slight improvement from last week. Still no edge to us and lack of shots & creativity, we made Morecombe look better than they were.


We just have to hope the return of White, Dieng and McCormack makes a difference. I thought Kyle Taylor was excellent - calm, composed and kept it simple.


Our only hope is the National League gets cancelled.


I like Molesley but as paying fans watching defeat after defeat we can’t keep being told we are learning and a work in progress. We deserve better from the club. By the time the debt is paid we will be too far adrift to recover. Non league awaits.


Played five, lost five! Knocked the ball around OK & Kyle Taylor looks good. But even against a poor side, they still created far more than us & deserved the win. Old heads needed in the team, but we just don’t look like scoring & can’t keep clean sheets.


When will this nightmare end? It’s getting harder and harder to keep defending the young lads who I know have found themselves in an unfortunate situation but when they keep making the same mistakes and not learning from them, there is no hope. Thoroughly miserable at the moment.


Good first half performance. Scrappy second half where Morecambe dominated more. Liked the look of Kyle Taylor. We have to be patient given the circumstances at the club at the moment. Let's look at the positives & build on it. Not fair to pick on certain players. Keep the faith.