SOUTHEND United manager Mark Molesley has provided an injury update ahead of Saturday's trip to Crawley Town.

The 39-year-old currently has fitness concerns on eight of his squad.

SIMEON AKINOLA: "He’s agonisingly close but not close enough at the moment. He missed pre-season and we’re trying to build that up. We have to be careful with the thigh strain he has.

"We’re painfully aware we’re missing players at the moment but we can’t be rushed into bringing them back. Short term we need to get wins but we have to loo after the long term too so when these players come back they stay back."

ALAN McCORMACK: "Unfortunately he’s not quite ready. We will reassess his caklf injury at the start of next week and see how it is. He’s been resting it up for 10 days.

"We’ve avoided over-working that area and we will see how it responds. Hopefully that bit of rest will have helped and we can look at getting him back on the field to test it out at the back end of next week."

JORDAN GREEN AND EMILE ACQUAH: "We will have to take late checks on both of them. It’s disappointing because we’ve already got a long injury list and we can’t afford to have another couple added to that.

TIM DIENG AND JOHN WHITE: "Tim Dieng has upped his rehabilitation work this week and it’s been great to see him out on the field. Hopefully John White isn’t too far behind either."

HARRY PHILLIPS AND EREN KINALI: "Bit of illness and in the current climate you can’t take any chances. They missed a couple of days training and then we have to wait for the test results to come back and what not but hopefully they’re both OK now."