SOUTHEND United manager Mark Molesley says the Shrimpers will continue to show their support for the ongoing fight against racism.

The Shrimpers players took a knee for the first time this season before Saturday's clash with Morecambe at Roots Hall.

And Molesley is keen to keep backing the movement.

"We’ve got to spread the message and wholeheartedly support the movement too," said Molesley.

"The referee has chosen in our previous games that we weren’t going to do it but it’s something we believe in and will be supporting.

"I’m not quite sure why we hadn’t done it and then we did but we're fully behind it and will carry on doing it but we will have to wait on the referees."

Premier League sides began kneeling before games towards the end of last season following the death of George Floyd and subsequent rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.