SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 2-0 defeat to Cheltenham Town at Roots Hall.

A very disappointing performance and sorry to say a boring spectacle. After last week, I had high hopes for today but we were never in the game and never looked like we would threaten. The test now is to see how we respond on Tuesday. Still have faith in MM and believe a win is coming.


No shots on target pretty much sums up the performance in a nutshell. We've forgot how to win football matches relegation looms if we don't get back a winning mentality.


League Two is not a league full of quality yet we are losing games comfortably with the opposition not having to provide much quality. Penalty showed real naviety, could they not see the ref was very whistle happy from the start. Why do we always buy a striker then play him left wing!


Team is still lacking fighters, much needed aggression and we seriously struggle against the majority of League Two teams who press us in our own half gifting them possession. MM inherited a sinking ship and is on a hiding to nothing but the tactics need a plan B.


Disappointing performance against an organised, hard working but not exceptional Cheltenham side. Goalscoring or even carving out chances is a major concern for Blues. Very worried about when and where our first win is coming from.


Cheltenham played well and look like a decent side. Southend lacked intensity. They had zero attacking threat. They were outplayed and outfought in every area of the pitch. Oxley cost us yet another goal. Plus I don’t know who will score regularly for us this season. Worrying.


Seems to be a meltdown within the fan base after this result. We know we’re in for a relegation scrap and so there will likely be more performances like this to come. This is a very tough run of fixtures and Cheltenham are a great side, we have plenty of games to make amends.


Relegation I’m afraid, it’s too late to salvage already. Why do we keep signings youngsters when that is the problem in the first place.


Two steps forward over the last couple of weeks and then three back! So looking forward to another entertaining developing performance but... Cheltenham weren’t great they just did the basics very well and their experience showed. Interesting to see how the Salford game goes.


No fight, no desire, no quality, no effort, no points! From the first few minutes could see the tactics weren’t suitable, another game where we’ve defended poorly and had no attacking threat. Shame as last week was very positive.


Cheltenham didn't even have that many chances but still pressed us and didnt allow us to play. We had no plan. Hate to say it but Elvis made no difference and I would have kept the same starting team as last week.


Disappointing after a few improved performances recently. I felt that trying to squeeze Elvis back in unbalanced things. Would have been worse had it not been for Harry Lennon.


Completely and utterly flat. A team devoid of experience, recruitment (adding loanee kids to our own squad of kids doesn’t count), belief and playing a system of trying to pass it out from the back we aren’t capable of. It was literally men against boys today again and it showed.


We can say everything about asking youngsters to do the job but there are limits. Some need to step up their effort and commitment like Acquah and Sterling. Let’s face it if we survive financially we aren’t going to survive with this squad.


One step forward, two steps back. Utterly woeful performance. All the feel good feeling after last weeks result well and truly gone. As a fan, I can forgive a player for not having real quality, I won’t ever accept a player not giving 100 per cent effort though.


You build week upon week on the same formation and style. Seconds away from winning first game of the season last week and MM changes it. Completely baffled.Players looked lost, no tempo, no tenacity. Oxley also now the first goalkeeper that deserves criticism for not saving a pen.


That was a very worrying lacklustre performance. Precious little fight or passion. I hoped to see progression from last week, but instead we went a long way backwards. At half time we are 1-0 down and to not have a shot in the second half is reprehensible.


Performance doesn't deserve myself or any other fan trying to explain what happened. Simply well short of what's needed to survive in division. Pinning all hopes on midfielder at end part of his career and a striker who hasn't been fit and wasn't in the League last season, worried.


We’ve been improving week on week until Saturday. Our last two games have been against teams that were in the play-offs last season so let’s not be too disheartened or too harsh on the players. The youngsters are still learning, getting on their backs won’t do anything. Onto Tuesday.


It just gets more depressing each week seeing my home town club that I love and have supported for over 50 years die a slow and painful death. We just don’t win games anymore,as leak soft goals and struggle to create and score ourselves.


Absurd (and ineffective) to change the formation as if Cheltenham posed some unusual League Two threat. Again utterly inexplicably played backwards even with free kicks. Sterling not trying at all. Acquah has no pace or aggression needed for this League.


We desperately need an experienced striker at this level. Absolutely nothing up front. Lennon was only highlight from. Disappointing after such a positive performance last week.


One (weak) shot on target, one shot deflected wide, one corner then zero attacking threat for the next 60 minutes. Only JD showed some passion and fight.


Desperate. Not a single positive to take from that performance. No leadership. No cutting edge up front. No creativity in midfield. No defensive resilience.


Yet again a team has barely had to get out of first gear to comfortably beat us. Out fought, out bullied, tactically out thought....again.


It’s very hard to watch at at the moment.I think Molesley is the right guy but I am perplexed with his tactics and constant signing of youngsters when it’s clear we need experienced players who have succeeded at this level before. No energy no passion no chance.


As the manager says it’s definitely a step backwards. We never looked comfortable, not sure about the formation, we desperately need to find an attacking edge to our game. But with injured players still to return we have to remain positive. Up the Blues.


Only one team turned up to play and it wasn't Blues. This is another massive backward step for the team. After a couple of promising performances we hit a new low. We are a team that can't keep a clean sheet but more worrying we don't look like scoring a single goal.


Hopeless, useless, clueless. The strikers look out of their depth. Why sign another 20 year old in midfield when most of the new signings except Taylor look clueless. Elvis looks like he wants out. Only a couple of players looked competent. Fans deserve better than this rubbish.