SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Tuesday night's defeat to Salford City.

A tough watch again, going sideways and backwards into oblivion. Just can't see us winning a game for a long time. I can't believe Weymouth got promoted playing this style of football?


MM said he is happy with his squad and won't be looking to bring anyone in. I'm sorry but we are in need of at least five or siix improved players if we are to stay up. That's not me being dramatic. We WILL get relegated with this team and this manager.


Very few, if any, positives to take from the last two games. I am now reverting to blind optimism, we will improve, we will finish mid-table!


I can’t see us scoring more than 25 goals this season.


Awful, while last seasons our issues were mostly defensive. We now have a clear lack of creativity in the squad. We simply aren’t creating enough chances to get shots on target! Let alone score!


Surely there must and in fact are senior players out of contract that we could sign as opposed to crucifying youth. A seasoned battle hardened player who wants one final season or two. It doesn't have to be a name as was case in past just a well researched FIT player.


First half was a massive improvement from Saturday, but the second half turned into a practice match for Salford. Lack of goals, or even chances, is worrying. Frustrating seeing gradual build up play ending up back at Ox. Olayinka shows promise. Still wish I was there. Keeping faith.


We are all in on Molesley so it feels like we have to give him longer, but he is sounding less convincing and more desperate with each game. His whole approach seems wrong for our predicament. This feels like yet another disastrous appointment.


Taylor would be better used in the middle and Acquah's physicality was missed up front. We need to learn when to play out of the back and when to clear it to the flanks. All clubs need to do to beat us is press and wait for the mistakes!


A Poor quality and inexperienced squad is what we have. Add to that a chronic lack of confidence and you get a sense of the predicament we are in. The opposition hasn't needed to get out of second gear to beat us.This really is the worst it's ever been for Blues.


Just when you think it really can’t get any worse it does! The blame must be at the top- different managers & players but same dreadful games. When will Ron see the roses & stop playing games with HMRC? We desperately need to stop being under embargoes in the transfer windows.


Even if we were playing non league football we still wouldnt win a game , its like men playing against boys and at any level of football the outcome is the same, The chairmen was quoted last year saying he would not allow this club to be a failure would he like to comment now?


Another game, another defeat. I believe that we have won just four of our last 43 games. Losing is now firmly in this club's DNA. In my heart I don't think RM or MM and the players have the ability to change our fortunes. We now have just 39 games left to save our club from disaster.


Absolute garbage, RM has ruined the club with his his mismanagement and we’re left with players on the pitch nobody else wants. Last season's side was one of the worst in history yet the likes of Oxley, Lennon, Dieng and Goodship still remain.


Just one positive. We’ve still got 39 games to go to get ourselves out of this mess. Results don’t lie, the squad isn’t good enough even at this level and from what I’ve seen this season we’d struggle in the National League as well. We’re in big trouble!


This is League Two. You win games by being being organised and motivated. These young players look like they are being over coached with too much instruction. Two banks of four, strikers that run channels. Ideally a keeper that commands his, dare I say, six yard box!


Can't understand MM getting flak from fans. What is it that he is supposed to be doing with the current squad that he isn't/hasn't tried already? He is hardly leaving a star player out the side...there isn't any! Nothing's changed, problems start and end with Ron's mismanagement.


SUFC is sleepwalking into oblivion & the chairman HAS to now be held accountable by those in a position to do so. Tough questions must also be leveled at MM until some meaningful answers are forthcoming.


Please can we stop passing back all the time. Mark M must get his large coaching team to concentrate on the basics not building from the back all the time.


Need something to go our way. The lack of confidence is crippling. Another serious injury. Southend fans are taking a kick to the gut every week and it's hard to contemplate another seven months of this.


When we pressed we put Salford on the back foot, albeit we couldn't get a shot in. We didn't keep pushing and gave them space. We need to be more aggressive & committed for the whole 90 minutes. Sterling has barely touched the ball in three games, which tells its own story. No attack!