SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's 2-0 defeat at Tranmere Rovers.

Much better performance but still the same result, can't see where a goal is going to come from let alone a win.


Much better performance from the last 2 games, although I don't think we had a shot once Sterling and Goodship were on. Far too early to be calling for the manager's head.


Luck is not on our side. Clifford was a breath of fresh air, we need a goal scorer.


Promising for the first half hour - but their tactical switch, immediately accompanied by a predictable home goal, changed everything. As in recent matches our opponents didn't move out of second gear to win the game. Clifford and Dieng did well but overall we were poor yet again.


Just gets more depressing. Even against other poor teams, our attack is so weak we lose anyway. Unless Akinola is the new Collymore we have no chance of staying up. Is just sad it has ended up this bad.


First half was the best we've played so far this season and even at 1-0 the players kept on going and went in at half time looking bright Second half we looked flat and like we knew that it was over. We need spark in the attack as Acquah isn't at that level yet.


Thought the Dick Bate era was the worst I would witness. Lots of similarities - we kept hearing what a great coach and motivator he was, odd signings and weekly defeats. Like Bate, MM never had a chance. I think he lasted eight games. Call for Clark again - just couldn’t get worse.


Ron is sleep walking this club into extinction. Very few seem to see it and the lethargic fans are letting it happen. We need players with experience and strikers. As another sub standard performance for League Two.


First half hour was positive but I’m concerned we have very little muscle up front. In my opinion we need a 6ft plus experienced man up top. Without that our possession play is fruitless @jimijamesdavids It was a better performance than last week just need to learn to take chances.


Football is unforgiving and you can't gloss over the obvious. Squad just isn't up to it. Collectively and individually we're not good enough. Been that way for too long. Nothing to work with and not a glimpse of optimism in sight. Plenty of reasons why, reason number one will always be Ron.


Our performance was better, shame we can't score or defend otherwise we'd have a chance at staying up


There’s only so far loyalty will take you. Football is an entertainment business. The team is not exciting the fans and is losing their interest & support. This is honesty. Results have to improve.


We are in some serious QuickSand,The harder we try to get out of this mess the more we get sucked in to it, genuinely can’t see where we will pick up a much needed win! Winning breeds confidence but can’t see that win coming anytime soon!!


A great first 30 mins, played really well and looked on top but second half not in it. Have faith in MM but frustrated at playing it backwards and sideways in our own half when 2-0 down. Not going to score that way. When we do create we don't look like scoring. Need a win soon.


Performance was okay, result is frustrating. We have to start turning good performances in to points. Massive game Tuesday night against fellow strugglers. Sooner we can get back in to stadiums to give the lads support the better.


We played much better until they changed formation but still without any cutting edge - is Akinola the answer - I doubt that he is physically strong enough to play up top alone - we still need a wiley old pro to partner him and feed him.


First half was great, but we need a goal scorer!


This is getting boring now.


Can't be bothered to say the same things we've all said last week and the two seasons before that but praying things will change for the future of our club.


Each week it becomes harder to watch the Blues. Been a supported for 40 years+ but I never felt this disappointed when watching. Sad to say we look doomed with no sight of that much needed spark.


Ladies and Gentlemen. The players/manager/staff throughout the club should not be held accountable. This DEMISE is solely down to RON MARTIN.


Had high hopes for Moseley. Despite our embargo he has still signed eight players. Whilst one has gone back to his club the remaining players have not really improved our squad. We still can't defend and we never look like scoring. We are only going in one direction and that is down.


We played better today but the game underlined our deficiencies. A goal scorer or two & a defence that can deal with set pieces. If we don’t sort those areas out we’re never going to win games & will be certainties for the National League.


We’ve been rubbish ever since Brown went! Countless mangers since then had the odd enjoyable games and glimmers of hope! RM doesn’t help matters, something must be happening behind the scenes other then HMRC. Things need to change or we are relegated again!


No manager can save them. Years of awful player recruitment has put us here. Manager can only pick from what he has in front of him. What's in front of him is a group of inexperienced, non league level players who are out of their depth bar one or two . Need a miracle to survive.


A promising first 30 mins but our inability to deal with high balls into the box has cost us again. We are also lacking an experienced striker, someone who has scored goals at this level. We just don’t look like scoring, which is worrying. It’s very depressing to watch.


Nowhere near good enough to stay in this league unfortunately. Buck stops with Ron for this huge mess.

@scottycav13 Ron Martin has truly run this club into the ground.


Tranmere made two subs on 30 mins because we were so on top. But, straight away they lump one free kick into our box and score. Unfortunately, once we go behind, we don't ever look like we're capable of getting back into games. We so clearly and desperately need a striker.


Thought Southend were the better side. Needed more shots and challenges. Clifford looked comfortable on the ball and unlucky going forward. We go again.


This team has relegation written all over it. Play some nice stuff at times, but no bite, no composure, no fight and no resilience. It’s not the managers fault or the kids he’s forced to play, but the club is dying and it’s all down to one man - Ron.