SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Tuesday night's 2-1 defeat to Oldham Athletic at Roots Hall.

It is mentally draining watching this team. Even towards the end of yet another poor performance, we manage to level it then still find a new ridiculous way to lose again. Liquidation or non-league, what a great future we have.


Another result that on the whole doesn’t surprise me, possession means nothing if you can’t test the opposition keeper, I’ve campaigned for Oxley for the last two years but even that is wearing thin, for every save he has two mistakes in him! We are a proper joke side!!


From what I saw of it, like many due to IFollow not fully working, another frustrating game. In second half we created, had possession, but apart from Clifford's superb free kick, can't score, plus too many misplaced passes did not help. But the result we need even more is in Court.


Something needs to change. There's no shooting, too many sidewards and back passes, too much possession but little outcome. No one's learning from previous mistakes and it somehow gets worse every match.


This felt like the straw that broke the camel's back. Two rubbish sides, we gift them an 89th minute winner, and it feels like the club is dying. RIP after 100 years in the Football League.


We are the worst team in the League, fact. I’ve tried to reassure myself that it’s early enough in the season to turn things around, after tonight, I can no longer accept that. Further investment is needed in the squad, the extent of which is beyond the means of the club.


Thought we’d salvaged a point with a great set piece goal, but then another mistake and we lose yet again. We don’t look like scoring despite lots of possession and we always leak goals. Without a goal scorer or two we’re doomed I’m afraid to say.


I am numb! There is nothing left to say.... we are too open and what is the point of passing backwards when in good positions... we lack confidence all over the park and the tactics are gifting every team we play the points - even a side as poor as Oldham


There doesn’t seem to be a way out of this, on or off the pitch. Non-league beckons, either in the National League or as a phoenix club.


32 years a Southend fan and I am crushed.


We tried to play football, that's only positive. Gave the ball away loads (as did they, they were poor). Really weak going forward, if not for a superb free kick we were never scoring. Our best spell was ten minutes at the end which, naturally, culminated in their winner.


The only positive from tonight is ifollow didn't work


Utter dross. We can’t keep making excuses match after match it’s just not good enough. Apathy has now set in and that’s the killer...


Another episode to test the resolve of even though the most devoted shrimpers. Some mildly positive moments but just not good enough as it stands. We don’t look like scoring goals and don’t defend well enough to keep clean sheets. Heartbreaking to watch at the moment.


Football for many people is an escape from everyday problems but for us, watching this just adds to them. It’s seriously bad for our mental health.On the game, plenty of pretty passing with no shooting. We won’t get anything with that approach. Mistakes yet again cost us.