MANCHESTER United Women head coach Casey Stoney has described Greg Clarke’s series of offensive remarks as “unacceptable”.

And the former England defender hopes Clarke’s replacement as FA chairman will be able to make the organisation more progressive, inclusive and diverse.

Clarke resigned on Tuesday after he used the word “coloured” to describe black players, insinuated that being gay was a “life choice” and discussed how the lack of women’s goalkeepers was due to girls not liking the ball being kicked at them.

Stoney, a former Runwell Primary School pupil, said: “I think it just shows how much work we have still got to do. They are completely unacceptable and it was the right thing to stand down.

“There is some great work going on and I don’t think we can go away from that because it is two separate issues, but it shows there is still a lot of education and work to do."

But, while the former England Women and Team GB captain expressed her sorrow at Clarke’s comments, she also admitted it could open the door for positive change.

“It is extremely disappointing, especially when the person at the top of that chain is making the comments so flippantly and easily,” Stoney added.

“At the same time it is important because it raises the issue and awareness even more that there is still a problem.

“We don’t want it to detract from the game (against Manchester City Women) at the weekend, but we have to see this as an opportunity for positive change now within the organisation and within football.

“I think whether it is a BAME candidate or a female, it has to be the right person for the job and who can really take the FA forward and be more progressive, more inclusive and more diverse.

“Hopefully that includes the board too in terms of making positive change. I don’t think it is diverse enough at the moment to represent society and a game which brings people together.”